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The ethics of filming II

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4Sep 15

[Continuing our two-part series on ethics of shooting with your video camera, here are the other things you must consider.]

Third, what the video is for. Whether you’re recording for personal use or commercial use makes a difference. When money changes hands, it is best to have a clear conscience and to ensure that you have not overstepped any boundaries or abused someone’s rights to reasonable compensation.

Fourth, where you are showing the finished video and to whom. Is it going to be for family and friends, or are you going to broadcast it to the world online? Take care when identifying your subjects. They might not want videos of them coming up on searches of their names.

Sony HDR-XR520VSony has long been in the forefront of the digital video phenomenon and with this version, they have taken it a step further with a built-in 240 Gb hard drive that is protected by HDD Smart protection that prevents damage to the drive and data stored within should the camera be dropped onto the floor during filming. They have also introduced a whole line of mini-DVD based recorders that allows quick recording direct to DVD’s for playing on any device (varies for some players may jump at such a small sized DVD). The mounted drive can store up to 101 hours of video at a full Sony HD format of 1920X1080 resolution. Using a 1/2.88″ proprietary Exmor R CMOS sensor with ClearVid array, it takes sharp and absolutely stunning video and stills. It has better low-light shooting capabilities due to an innovative add on to the CMOS sensor array that has a back-light that allows it to capture more light and is almost similar to how night vision camera’s work, bouncing light into the sensor getting more light in .

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Webcam – Videocam for PC

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21Aug 15

A Webcam or web camera is usually a small videocam in the World Wide Web, instant messaging or a PC video conferencing. Today, the webcam plays an important role in personal, professional, industrial, government and other purposes. It comes in different styles and shapes, which can be attached directly to a personal computer.

There are web-accessible digital cameras which upload images to a server. Uploading is done either continuously or at set intervals. Cameras that are used for videoconferencing are typically small cameras that are connected directly to a personal computer. With the ongoing developments in internet technology, the webcam will continue to evolve and to connect people.

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14Aug 15

You’ve been saving part of your allowance or part of your salary for months just to get you dream camcorder, but your budget always seems to be short as the months drag on. Why go for those expensive ones when there are others out there that are cheaper and still are top-of-the-line? The following video cameras are all under $500.

Canon ZR850 – 35x optical zoom, 1.07 megapixels, $180 to $299.

Panasonic VDR-D210 – 1000x digital zoom, lens aperture F/1.8 to 3.7, $219 to $340.

Panasonic PV-GS320 – optical sensor type 3CCD, manual and automatic settings, $323 to $499.

Canon ZR830 MiniDV – 1000x digital zoom, 6.8 megapixels, $186 to $279.

More information: CNET

Image source: CNET

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31Jul 15

Kodak Zx1One of the small generation of video recorders from Kodak, it is small and suited for use in all weather. Shaped like a mobile phone, it uses SD/SDHC memory cards for data storage which can go up to 10 hours of 720p HD video. It can record video in bright light as well as low light though some improvement may be needed in the audio recording due to dismal performance. Some reviews also found the low light video recording abilities a bit too exaggerated. The device is well suited for teens and their irresponsible ways, being weatherproof and small enough to fit in most pockets, they can withstand quite a lot of abuse. They can use 2 standard high-capacity double AA alkaline cells but for constant use, a good pair of rechargables(or more, ) would do better for those whole days of fun out on in the sun. Full Story »

Cam Care III

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24Jul 15

Being careful in handling your video camera will mean lesser trips to the service center for repair or parts replacement.

  • Tripods should only be used when absolutely necessary because it is very likely that your video camera will be knocked over.
  • Avoid lending your camera because the borrower may not be as familiar as you are with your gadget and might accidentally damage it.
  • For analog camcorders, do not force in a tape or force it out if it gets stuck. In these situations, your video camera must be fixed by a trained professional.
  • If your video camera is broken or damaged, do not try to repair it yourself. Always entrust your gadgets to trained experts.

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10Jul 15

If possible, take a demo unit of the digital video camera you plan to buy outside before making a purchase. Many of the LCD screens on camcorders don’t perform well in bright sunlight, making it next to impossible to see what you’re recording. There are little visors you can get to shade the LCD screen from the sun, but that’s also one more thing to carry. If you can find a camcorder with a great LCD screen, you’ll be better served.

If you find the LCD isn’t performing up to par in bright light, the Hoodman LCD sun shade is likely your best alternative. Jake Ludington


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19Jun 15

HDD Video Cameras are basically cameras with built-in memory. The models available in the market today have either 30 GB or 60 GB memory space. Because they do not use external memory devices, these video cameras are relatively smaller and arguably easier to handle. However, these plus points are with disadvantages too. Some might argue that grip is compromised because of the size. Controls are more difficult to manage since they are usually clumped together in a small place. The memory space is also threading the line. Having no device to accommodate extra memory, this camera is definitely not designed for serious videographers.

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5Jun 15

What could be more frustrating than just when you are about to capture an exciting moment, the batteries of your video camera die? To avoid this regrettable experience, following are tips to conserve your battery life.
Recharging your batteries when the warning symbol appears on your screen is the best time. Before or after that may affect battery life.
Your LCD monitor consumes the most battery energy. Try putting your monitor to sleep from time to time.
Playbacks also quickly drain batteries. If it is not necessary, it is best to keep playbacks to a minimum.
Batteries through time will have to be replaced. The older the battery is the shorter its life.

The Sony HDCAM

Posted by Bryan

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Sony has a consistent history of producing quality electronic products. One of those includes their line of Video Cameras. In this new line of video cam, Sony couples their HDCAM cameras together under the name CineAlta. They cover a broad range of prices and features, ranging from the XDCAM HD models and the F350 to the widely used and widely popular F950.

The XDCAM HD cameras record directly to Sony’s professional disc media, which is physically
similar to Blu-ray discs. These cameras can also record various quality levels of 1080i and 1080p, along with regular SD DVCAM. Unlike other HD cameras from Sony, the XDCAM HD supports i-Link for file access and DV output.

Near the high end of the Sony HD solutions is the F900. It captures both 1080p and 1080i at
various frame rates, including 25p and 50i. This is also the most expensive camera from Sony, as it costs around $80,000!

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