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20Aug 14

video3.jpgMany consumers usually ask this question when buying or searching for a video camera. The higher the pixel, as they say the better. Picture Element or Pixels are made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny dots of light that is arranged in grid. The greater the number the pixel, the images are more clearer and vivid. Of course, the file is much heavier too. With a more advanced pixel, you’ll be able to capture also the realistic colors, may it be a night or moving shot. However, when picking a camera, constantly inquire the number of effective pixels that the camera can grasp instead of the overall number of pixels.

Digital Spy Camera

Digital spy cameras have the ability to record pictures and videos digitally. The difference that they have is that you do these recordings with the absence of tapes or films; plus, it can be hidden for the purpose of security and protection. Digital spy cameras are wireless and being run by batteries. No need to use a transmitter or receiver to record videos and shoot images. Videos can be recorded within a specified time length and downloading them to your computer afterwards is so easy. Compared to wireless spy cameras, digital spy cams are smaller and they are so handy that you can take them anywhere you want to.

Canon DC40

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10Oct 12


I’ve seen the CANON DC40 and I am impressed. Canon DC40 is very attractive with a functional design It was built with solid quality. The videcam is very decent daytime and surprisingly solid low-light video quality and has a broad set of semimanual photo and video controls.

However,the videocam also has its boo-boos. It has small LCD and it uses Mini SD cards rather than standard SD. It has a blinding video light and there’s no S-Video input for converting analog video to DVDs.

The important bottomline here is that the Canon DC40 definitely deserves a spot on your short list of DVD camcorders.


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10Aug 12

In the past, video cameras did not have LCD monitors attached to them. Focusing a shot was dependent on the use of the viewfinder. Today however, the viewfinder is becoming less and less a functionary part of video cameras. People have been more reliant on their LCD monitors. What people don’t realize is that a viewfinder is a more accurate tool in focusing shots.
LCD monitors provide a wider view. Sometimes it takes away the focus on the actual object of the shot. Whereas a viewfinder is more centered. Give the LCD a rest and test the difference with a viewfinder.

Avoid Hybrid Cameras

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10Apr 12

The current range of digital video cameras with digital still camera functionality is inferior to almost all digital still cameras. The idea of a combined camera is better in concept than it is in practice. If taking digital stills is important, get a camera designed for taking digital stills. Focus on the core video features when buying a digital video camera and think of the digital still functions as a convenient bonus if they happen to work well. If you’re dead set on getting a camera with both features, get a digital still camera with video functions – the still cameras take better video than the video cameras. –Jake Ludington

Video cams were an ubiquitous electronic product in many homes years ago, most especially if that home is inhabited by a young family because it’s the time when parents would love to take videos of their children for posterity. But are we seeing the end of the videocam?

With digital video functions in various mobile devices getting better and better in quality are video cams on the demise? New digital video cams like the Flip video gadgets offer HD quality video at a fraction of the price. Even the small iPod Nano now sports a camera that takes very passable videos. This may be a sign that there is an unstoppable shift to these devices as far as common consumers go.

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10Dec 11

What could be more frustrating than just when you are about to capture an exciting moment, the batteries of your video camera die? To avoid this regrettable experience, following are tips to conserve your battery life.
Recharging your batteries when the warning symbol appears on your screen is the best time. Before or after that may affect battery life.
Your LCD monitor consumes the most battery energy. Try putting your monitor to sleep from time to time.
Playbacks also quickly drain batteries. If it is not necessary, it is best to keep playbacks to a minimum.
Batteries through time will have to be replaced. The older the battery is the shorter its life.

Free Camera Shipping

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10Oct 11

Are you an online shopper and thinking of buying a video cam for your personal use but afraid of being over charged i.e. shipping fees and taxes? Worry no more. Camera World is there to help you make things affordable. Visit their website over at and you’ll find interesting products that might able to suit your taste.

For example you are planning to buy Canon, just click on CANON at the left side bar, it’ll direct you to the CANON products that are available in their store.

Right now, there are two featured products. Not only that you can always count of their company’s service. You can also find a great deal on some of their products on eBay but be sure to watch out for seedy sellers. Go with the trusted ones (with good feedback)!

Buy A Tripod

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10Apr 11

If you buy a digital video camera, you need a tripod to go with it. There’s no other accessory, outside of a longer life battery, that will improve your video recording experience. The key here is to get the right tripod. It’s tempting to get the off-the-shelf options at the electronics store, but they always fall short. Look for a fluid-head. Make sure the tripod extends high enough to shoot effectively – 72-inches is a good starting point, because anything less often leaves you shooting the backs of people’s heads in a crowded area. eBay offers a great selection of fluid-head tripods at competitive prices. –Jake Ludington

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10May 10

If possible, take a demo unit of the digital video camera you plan to buy outside before making a purchase. Many of the LCD screens on camcorders don’t perform well in bright sunlight, making it next to impossible to see what you’re recording. There are little visors you can get to shade the LCD screen from the sun, but that’s also one more thing to carry. If you can find a camcorder with a great LCD screen, you’ll be better served.

If you find the LCD isn’t performing up to par in bright light, the Hoodman LCD sun shade is likely your best alternative. –Jake Ludington

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