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Some video cam tips

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Video cams are useful for recording those once in a lifetime moments in your and your family and loved ones’ lives, so here are a few tips to help you better capture those wonderful slices of life.

1. For long trips, bring a couple of extra batteries, as well as the charging pack in case you find the opportunity to charge your batteries.

2. To save battery life, don’t use the LCD screen as much. It’s a less convenient way to record your video, but it saves you a lot of power, especially if you didn’t do tip number one.

3. Bring a tripod. Avoid those shaky home videos you always see by bringing a tripod. It’s more convenient to shoot videos with it – just don’t buy the ones that are too heavy.

Advice has been given time and again on avoiding hybrid cameras if you are particular about the quality of video. The reason for this is very simple, video quality of most still digital cameras are just not that good, with even the best digital cameras often producing grainy videos.

However, the truth is that even though we love video cameras, a lot of people cannot afford to get a separate still camera and video cam. Splitting your budget to buy two dedicated cameras also doesn’t make sense because you’ll just end up with a crappy video cam and digital still cam.

If you have budget woes, like most people do, then the way to go might be to buy a point and shoot camera that has a good reputation for shooting quality videos. Sure, you can bet the videos they take will be nothing compared to those the best video cams can, but until you save up for a high-end video cam or make lots of money via FOREX trading then you can at least shoot decent videos.

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Sony HDR-XR520V
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The video camera has a built-in GPS sensor allowing geo-tagging with a simple time-zone adjust feature that can be seen easily on-screen. One other nifty feature is the smile sensor which takes still images when the subject does smile, letting you capture better pictures at 8.3 Mega Pixels. The built-in software also automatically creates scene highlights instead of painstakingly getting you to do it by yourself. It features a proprietary Professional Quality Sony Lens and the unit comes with smart-interface for mic and other accessories. It also has the ability to capture images at a recording rate of 240 frames per second compared to the normal 60 FPS allowing smooth slow motion even in the swiftest of action. Recording can be achieved with either the hard-drive or the built-in memory stick slot. Sony has continued to improve on their video camera’s and they are some of the most popular consumer electronic goods in the world. Reliable and with excellent quality they will continue to do so for the coming years.

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