Video On Instagram

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24Jun 13

Did video kill the Instagram star? Well, not necessarily. But the app which is known for photo sharing has now dabbled with video features too. Instagram is now allowing users to capture 15 second video clips, and what makes Instagram one of the best photo apps, the video will also have 15 different filters for the video.

Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram had this to say on the Instagram blog, “Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Video on Instagram and bring you another way to share your stories. When you go to take a photo on Instagram, you’ll now see a movie camera icon. Tap it to enter video mode, where you can take up to fifteen seconds of video through the Instagram camera,”

This move might be a very competitive one since Twitter is fast advancing in the video sharing capabilities. The public has yet to test the new feature and see if they like it or if it is even necessary.

Video Cam in Classrooms

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29May 13


Bill Gates is a smart guy, it is evident through his success and the millions of money he has made
through out the years. This is why, when the guy talks, we listen. Recently, during one of his TED talks,
he brought up the subject of having video cameras in classrooms. Not to try and catch teachers making
mistakes, not to judge students but to actually improve the quality of teaching and learning.

This is as real as it can get, having cameras will help teachers see the difference with what they think
happened and what really happened. It’s hard to put attention to every single detail when you have a lot
of people observing your every move and watching a video of how the lesson went, will give a different
perspective on what went wrong and what happened that worked out.

This process is empowering because teachers will get motivated to do a better job and make an actual

Boston Bombing Videos

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26Apr 13


The recent Boston Marathon Bombings have taken the lives of three people and injured a bigger number. It is one of the worse tragedies that has happened in America for the past decade. It is also the most photographed scene in the history of all crime scenes. Because almost everyone owns a smart phone, or a camera phone, the people in attendance were able to capture gruesome photos and videos of the Boston Marathon.

The power of video camera was evident during the whole day because uploads on social media sites of different angles of the marathon surfaced. Is this a positive or negative thing? Do people have the power to make a difference if they are an owner of a portable camera? It may be of help, taking the Boston Marathon incident where in the authorities have asked people who were able to take photos and videos to upload files on the FBI website so it can be used in the investigation.

Sony Handycam Camcorder

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15Jan 13


CES 2013 has been a huge success and a lot has been raving about the new products and gadgets that will be available for the public this year. Sony introduced 11 of their newest models of handycam camcorder. The eleven new models have similar features such as the ability  to shoot in both AVCHD and MP4, HDMI ports, and multi terminals, etc. Mind you, all of these are in high definition!

The simplest models that will be available in the market are models CX220, CX230, CX 290, and PJ230. All of these new models have an 8.9M/2.3M Exmor R sensor, a 29.8mm wide CZ lens, HDMI out, and 60p recording. Their best model is probably the TD30V. It is their 3D model which is taking the place of last year’s model TD20V. They have almost the same features except this one is better. How? This one is cheaper. For only $999, which is a good $500 cheaper than last year’s model. The only downgrade is there is no longer any internal memory and there is no manual control dial but these features ar e not as necessary anyway.

Dash Cam

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19Dec 12

It sure is not easy to admit this, but we live in a world where unscrupulous people exists. Even if you have a good heart, sometimes even if you don’t deserve it bad things happen. And though you can’t necessarily avoid these things from happening, you can sure film it. Dashboard camera exists for people who spend a lot of time in their cars. It comes in handy when something fishy goes down. So many unwanted incidents occur in traffic. It can be a drunk driver, an impatient driver, a hit and run person.. all of these happen almost everyday. It sure was helpful recently when a dashboard camera was able to record how a police officer killed a parolee/man who could potentially be dangerous in Manteca. The family released the video to be able to let the people see if the killing was justifiable. There’s still no news if this video will change the case and side with the family.


Digital Spy Camera

Digital spy cameras have the ability to record pictures and videos digitally. The difference that they have is that you do these recordings with the absence of tapes or films; plus, it can be hidden for the purpose of security and protection. Digital spy cameras are wireless and being run by batteries. No need to use a transmitter or receiver to record videos and shoot images. Videos can be recorded within a specified time length and downloading them to your computer afterwards is so easy. Compared to wireless spy cameras, digital spy cams are smaller and they are so handy that you can take them anywhere you want to.

Canon DC40

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10Oct 12


Ive seen the CANON DC40 and I am impressed. Canon DC40 is very attractive with a functional design It was built with solid quality. The videcam is very decent daytime and surprisingly solid low-light video quality and has a broad set of semimanual photo and video controls.

However,the videocam also has its boo-boos. It has small LCD and it uses Mini SD cards rather than standard SD. It has a blinding video light and there’s no S-Video input for converting analog video to DVDs.

The important bottomline here is that the Canon DC40 definitely deserves a spot on your short list of DVD camcorders.


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10Aug 12

In the past, video cameras did not have LCD monitors attached to them. Focusing a shot was dependent on the use of the viewfinder. Today however, the viewfinder is becoming less and less a functionary part of video cameras. People have been more reliant on their LCD monitors. What people don’t realize is that a viewfinder is a more accurate tool in focusing shots.
LCD monitors provide a wider view. Sometimes it takes away the focus on the actual object of the shot. Whereas a viewfinder is more centered. Give the LCD a rest and test the difference with a viewfinder.


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10Jun 12

When buying a digital video camera, it is necessary to understand all the features that a model offers. A strong selling point of this equipment is the zoom capabilities. A novice videographer should then be familiar with the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom.
Optical zoom is the actual reach of the camera’s lens. It actually moves you closer to the object you are taking a shot of. On the other hand, digital zoom brings the shot from a wide perspective to a more focused one.
For sharper images, optical zoom capability should be taken more into account over digital zoom.

Avoid Hybrid Cameras

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10Apr 12

The current range of digital video cameras with digital still camera functionality is inferior to almost all digital still cameras. The idea of a combined camera is better in concept than it is in practice. If taking digital stills is important, get a camera designed for taking digital stills. Focus on the core video features when buying a digital video camera and think of the digital still functions as a convenient bonus if they happen to work well. If you’re dead set on getting a camera with both features, get a digital still camera with video functions – the still cameras take better video than the video cameras. Jake Ludington

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