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5Jun 15

What could be more frustrating than just when you are about to capture an exciting moment, the batteries of your video camera die? To avoid this regrettable experience, following are tips to conserve your battery life.
Recharging your batteries when the warning symbol appears on your screen is the best time. Before or after that may affect battery life.
Your LCD monitor consumes the most battery energy. Try putting your monitor to sleep from time to time.
Playbacks also quickly drain batteries. If it is not necessary, it is best to keep playbacks to a minimum.
Batteries through time will have to be replaced. The older the battery is the shorter its life.

The Sony HDCAM

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Sony has a consistent history of producing quality electronic products. One of those includes their line of Video Cameras. In this new line of video cam, Sony couples their HDCAM cameras together under the name CineAlta. They cover a broad range of prices and features, ranging from the XDCAM HD models and the F350 to the widely used and widely popular F950.

The XDCAM HD cameras record directly to Sony’s professional disc media, which is physically
similar to Blu-ray discs. These cameras can also record various quality levels of 1080i and 1080p, along with regular SD DVCAM. Unlike other HD cameras from Sony, the XDCAM HD supports i-Link for file access and DV output.

Near the high end of the Sony HD solutions is the F900. It captures both 1080p and 1080i at
various frame rates, including 25p and 50i. This is also the most expensive camera from Sony, as it costs around $80,000!

Cam Care III

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11Dec 14

Being careful in handling your video camera will mean lesser trips to the service center for repair or parts replacement.

  • Tripods should only be used when absolutely necessary because it is very likely that your video camera will be knocked over.
  • Avoid lending your camera because the borrower may not be as familiar as you are with your gadget and might accidentally damage it.
  • For analog camcorders, do not force in a tape or force it out if it gets stuck. In these situations, your video camera must be fixed by a trained professional.
  • If your video camera is broken or damaged, do not try to repair it yourself. Always entrust your gadgets to trained experts.

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10Aug 12

In the past, video cameras did not have LCD monitors attached to them. Focusing a shot was dependent on the use of the viewfinder. Today however, the viewfinder is becoming less and less a functionary part of video cameras. People have been more reliant on their LCD monitors. What people don’t realize is that a viewfinder is a more accurate tool in focusing shots.
LCD monitors provide a wider view. Sometimes it takes away the focus on the actual object of the shot. Whereas a viewfinder is more centered. Give the LCD a rest and test the difference with a viewfinder.

Sony HDR-XR520V
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The video camera has a built-in GPS sensor allowing geo-tagging with a simple time-zone adjust feature that can be seen easily on-screen. One other nifty feature is the smile sensor which takes still images when the subject does smile, letting you capture better pictures at 8.3 Mega Pixels. The built-in software also automatically creates scene highlights instead of painstakingly getting you to do it by yourself. It features a proprietary Professional Quality Sony Lens and the unit comes with smart-interface for mic and other accessories. It also has the ability to capture images at a recording rate of 240 frames per second compared to the normal 60 FPS allowing smooth slow motion even in the swiftest of action. Recording can be achieved with either the hard-drive or the built-in memory stick slot. Sony has continued to improve on their video camera’s and they are some of the most popular consumer electronic goods in the world. Reliable and with excellent quality they will continue to do so for the coming years.

Cam Care II

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13Apr 08

Your video camera, whether it is expensive or cheap, should always be handled with care. Taking good care of your video camera will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • As much as possible, your video camera should not be exposed to heat for very long periods of time because it is not built for extreme temperatures.
  • If you are using an analog camcorder, it is recommended that you avoid using spliced or damaged tapes.
  • Regarding analog camcorders, it is highly discouraged to use tape rewinders.
  • For the analog user, use tapes that are manufactured by the maker of your video camera.

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Cam Care I

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11Apr 08

Like any electronic gadget, video cameras require the utmost care for them to last longer. The following are tips for taking care of your video camera.

  • Use your video camera every once in a while, not just during special occasions like birthdays, weddings or Thanksgiving.
  • If you are not using your video camera, it should be stored properly. Put it in a protective bag and make sure it is in a cool and dry place.
  • Use a soft brush to keep dust away from your video camera. Also ensure that liquids are kept away from it.
  • Have your camera thoroughly cleaned by a trained professional at least once every two years.

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The LCD monitor is one of the most important parts of a video camera. It serves as a focusing tool as well as an editing screen. It is also one of the most sensitive parts. It is vulnerable to scratches, smudges and even cracks and breaks. It is important to protect it.
The LCD protector is a handy accessory to have. There are several types available in the market. Some are film type that adheres to the monitor itself. Some are made of either glass or hard plastic that are clip onto the camera. Whatever the make they all serve the same purpose, to protect the LCD. It is a necessary expense to help preserve the video camera.

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