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3Jul 15

Are you a camera person? Bought a handycam recently but do not know how to operate it? Follow the instructions in your manual. If not, grab your mouse and check the other user’s opinions or product specifications online:

Example: Sony Handycam 

Now, let’s find out what the Editor’s review (Lori Grunin) was about this product:

With its sub-$1,000 street price, HD video support, hard-disk-based recording, and Sony provenance, the Handycam HDR-SR5 certainly seems like a bargain. Mostly, however, the SR5 simply confirms my belief that decent HD video will still run you more than $1,000. (But spending another $300 or so to upgrade from the 40GB SR5 to the 100GB SR5C, doesn’t count.) Click here to continue….

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