Kodak Zx1One of the small generation of video recorders from Kodak, it is small and suited for use in all weather. Shaped like a mobile phone, it uses SD/SDHC memory cards for data storage which can go up to 10 hours of 720p HD video. It can record video in bright light as well as low light though some improvement may be needed in the audio recording due to dismal performance. Some reviews also found the low light video recording abilities a bit too exaggerated. The device is well suited for teens and their irresponsible ways, being weatherproof and small enough to fit in most pockets, they can withstand quite a lot of abuse. They can use 2 standard high-capacity double AA alkaline cells but for constant use, a good pair of rechargables(or more, ) would do better for those whole days of fun out on in the sun.
More for the adventurous and those who wish simple mementos for those moments that must simply be captured. The camera is quite new and might need more time for it to withstand the test of time. The support of solid state memory makes it compact and can be placed anywhere for use. The use of double AA batteries also makes it easier for people to use it and even use of high-capacity alkaline batteries that are coming out for such high-drain gadgets

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