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Back in the day when art was simple and separate from the whims of technology and science, every creation was made with the genius and skill of an artist. It was the age of pure talent, where a masterpiece done on the canvass is dependent on the power of the mind to use the accurate stroke of hands, and eyes that are keen to color and hue. As art and science grew closer together in the passing of time, devices, gadgets, and certain software are now used to render creations that could be reached by the average human imagination. Paintbrushes and canvasses back then are now best DSLR cameras and high-grade photo papers, still having the same purpose of showing the wonder of art to anyone who sees it.

Why are people into buying expensive models and best DSLR cameras for their artwork? This is because the more pricey the hardware is, the more pictures and better quality it can create for the person who utilizes pictures and edits it in software to produce superior results. The elements of using it, is still the same. The power of the mind projects how a picture should look like and how it should be edited while the hands control both the captured angle and the focus of the camera to the subject. After using both things, the hands also act on putting details and finalizing touches whether on the board or on the particular image editing program. After everything is completed, it is now printed for everyone to see the finished product.

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