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Fuzzy Video

Posted by Bryan
In videocam
25Nov 08

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A fuzzy video is annoying as much as it is problematic. If you encounter this knid of problem, the forst thing to do is to buy a new miniDV tape, and check if the fuzzy display is still there. MiniDVs usually disintegrate and are rendered useless in a number of years. But if the problem is still there, you might have a bigger problem at hand. this is a very common problem for all camcorder owners. Most especially when you are livin gin a country that is humid most often. The problem is FUNGUS. Yes, fungus. Fungus grows in humid places. It grows inside your camera lens. One sign to tell its fungus is you’ll see something knida spidery growing inside the lens. Store your camcorder in a cool dry place. Put some silica gel packs to fend off fungi attacks.

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