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Lumiere video

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28May 08

Lumiere video follows filmmaking in the tradition of the Lumiere brothers, who are credited for some of the world’s first films. Incidentally, the word lumiere is French for light. Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen and Brittany Shoot drew up the Lumiere Manifesto, outlining their beliefs in what everyday video does and should do. According to them, video without context can be beautiful.No distractions and effects are allowed.The value of the image lies in the multiple interpretations by the viewer.
These are the principles they propose:

  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects
  • 60 seconds max.
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio

Would you like to make Lumiere videos?

The ethics of filming II

Posted by Yra
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22May 08

[Continuing our two-part series on ethics of shooting with your video camera, here are the other things you must consider.]

Third, what the video is for. Whether you’re recording for personal use or commercial use makes a difference. When money changes hands, it is best to have a clear conscience and to ensure that you have not overstepped any boundaries or abused someone’s rights to reasonable compensation.

Fourth, where you are showing the finished video and to whom. Is it going to be for family and friends, or are you going to broadcast it to the world online? Take care when identifying your subjects. They might not want videos of them coming up on searches of their names.

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