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31Mar 08

How well do you know you video-recording? Check out if you know the following basic facts to find out:
• Exposure is controlling the amount of light that passes through the subject. Too dark will create grainy pictures, too light will washout images
• Point-of-view is basically the recorded image as seen through the eyes of the one taking the shot. It is essentially the personal input a videographer has on the image produced.
• Depth of Field is the separation of the subject in the foreground from the back to create a 3D effect.
• Visual Impact in images is created through focusing of the subject against its surrounding. It is the creative input of the videographer in the process.

Option: Tape or Disc

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26Mar 08

video2.jpgWhen buying for a video camera, one option that you have though is whether you want to record your clips in tape or disc. Brand new camcorders are already using disc but some are still retaining the tape model. These two are just formats onto which digital video can be documented.

Despite the fact that there are still tape formats, disc platforms has become more popular and best seller in this generation. Mainly because it is not bulky, and disc camcorders are becoming more trendy, and you could play it anywhere — in your vcd or dvd component and of course in the computer.

The LCD monitor is one of the most important parts of a video camera. It serves as a focusing tool as well as an editing screen. It is also one of the most sensitive parts. It is vulnerable to scratches, smudges and even cracks and breaks. It is important to protect it.
The LCD protector is a handy accessory to have. There are several types available in the market. Some are film type that adheres to the monitor itself. Some are made of either glass or hard plastic that are clip onto the camera. Whatever the make they all serve the same purpose, to protect the LCD. It is a necessary expense to help preserve the video camera.

Your Connections

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10Mar 08

video4.jpgEvery video camera comes with a number of sockets or holes or ports at the back intended for VCD or DVD connection; designed for television link; and meant for transferring of files or images or used for computer editing. Most sockets are the ones that we are accustomed of or familiar with, the old produced red white and yellow audio-visual leads. They are also capable of holding a usb port for easy access. But before inserting these connections, check also with your appliance like the computer to ensure the compatibility. Though these are the common plugs, some are still not well-matched.

Where To Buy

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1Mar 08

video6.jpgBecause of technology that’s why false gadgets are all over the place. If you are planning to buy a video camera, be sure to buy it at the authorized and reputable stores. Some would say that there is a warranty, but when for example the video camera broke down, and you visit the store, they don’t honor the said certification.

Manufacturers suggest to visit their website first and find the nearest distributor or retailer in your area that could not only give you the best deal but real gadget or appliance as well. At least you will be comfortable whenever something wrong happens.

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