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Webcam – Videocam for PC

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29Feb 08

A Webcam or web camera is usually a small videocam in the World Wide Web, instant messaging or a PC video conferencing. Today, the webcam plays an important role in personal, professional, industrial, government and other purposes. It comes in different styles and shapes, which can be attached directly to a personal computer.

There are web-accessible digital cameras which upload images to a server. Uploading is done either continuously or at set intervals. Cameras that are used for videoconferencing are typically small cameras that are connected directly to a personal computer. With the ongoing developments in internet technology, the webcam will continue to evolve and to connect people.

What is a Video Blog?

Posted by Bryan
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5Feb 08


Have you ever heard of a video blog or have you seen one? Are you interested in making one someday?

A Video Blog or Vlog is somewhat similar with blogging – you narrate everything that happened in your day, express your opinion about political issues or entertainment buzz or simply make fun of yourself. The only difference is that you have the videocam infront of you and you talk to the camera and post the recorded output in the internet.

Videoblogs are getting recognized nowadays. You are able to unleash the creative side of you. You don’t necessarily need to prepare a script, your costume, your props or whatever. Your videocam is all you need to get started.

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