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Ignore Digital Zoom

Posted by Bryan
In videocam
2Jan 08

Digital zoom is the measure of a cameras ability to magnify pixels in an image. You don’t get a close up shot with digital zoom, you get an enlarged version of the best optical zoom your camera supports, which ultimately results in grainy looking video. This is the same effect as blowing up a digital image to 500% (or more) in image preview mode on your computer. The bigger the image gets, the worse it looks. Optical zoom performance is the number that matters when choosing a digital video camera. Optical zoom measures a camera’s ability to magnify an image to give you great looking close-up shots. If zoom is important to your digital video recording needs, either spend the money on a better optical zoom or buy an after market add-on lens that further enhances your cameras optical ability. Both options will give you better looking video than turning on digital zoom. Jake Ludington

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