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29Oct 14

One of the small generation of video recorders from Kodak, it is small and suited for use in all weather. Shaped like a mobile phone, it uses SD/SDHC memory cards for data storage which can go up to 10 hours of 720p HD video. It can record video in bright light as well as low light though some improvement may be needed in the audio recording due to dismal performance. Some reviews also found the lowlight video recording abilities a bit too exaggerated. The device is well suited for teens and their irresponsible ways, being weatherproof and small enough to fit in most pockets, they can withstand quite a lot of abuse. They can use 2 standard high-capacity double AA alkaline cells but for constant use, a good pair of rechargables(or more, ) would do better for those whole days of fun out on in the sun. Full Story »

Web Cam Warnings

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22Oct 14


Consider this a warning. If you are the type of person who constantly likes to skype, facebook video chat, Google video chat or just have a laptop that has a built in webcam, there is a big possibility that you are being watched. By hackers. Yes, you read that right. It is scary and creepy but unfortunately, it’s reality. FBI Agent Justin Vellese explained that “With the Web cam comes the opportunity for people to use malicious software to control the Web cam,  There is malicious software that can turn on the Web cam, turn it off. It’s possible they can even turn off the light that indicates the Web cam is on.” This case happens everywhere around the world without our knowledge. Because not a lot of people have knowledge when it comes to these malicious malware, and how readily available on the internet. So what is the solution? Be extra careful. Make sure your firewall is always ON. When you are not using your camera, maybe cover it with a sticker/post it. This is a serious crime so spread the information to family and friends so that they are aware too.

On Microphones

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15Oct 14

video1.jpgIf you have plans of recording a high-quality audio sound, you shouldn’t rely on the available built in camcorder microphone. Since it comes with the package, the quality of the microphone is ordinary. Technical persons advises to use an external microphone for your video camera, which will help in picking up sounds more clearly and accurately. At least, microphones are not that expensive. On the other hand, buying an external microphone for your video camera is somehow a difficult proposal. These days, we are faced with lots of choices, various colors, high-end models, and deciding on what particular specifications takes pressure.

Advice has been given time and again on avoiding hybrid cameras if you are particular about the quality of video. The reason for this is very simple, video quality of most still digital cameras are just not that good, with even the best digital cameras often producing grainy videos.

However, the truth is that even though we love video cameras, a lot of people cannot afford to get a separate still camera and video cam. Splitting your budget to buy two dedicated cameras also doesn’t make sense because you’ll just end up with a crappy video cam and digital still cam.

If you have budget woes, like most people do, then the way to go might be to buy a point and shoot camera that has a good reputation for shooting quality videos. Sure, you can bet the videos they take will be nothing compared to those the best video cams can, but until you save up for a high-end video cam or make lots of money via FOREX trading then you can at least shoot decent videos.

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1Oct 14

All video cameras have lens controls built into them. You can choose between two setting, wide angle and telephoto. Many amateur videographers commit the mistake of alternating the two setting between frames. The lens control is not there for creating effect. It is simply a feature to ensure the sharp recording of your images.
The wide-angle setting is ideally used for close shooting. It basically captures images with deeper depth of field. On the other hand, telephoto is usually applied to distance shooting. To get better focus on a distant subject, it is best to use telephoto. However it tends to create a more flat image as the depth of field is shallow.

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24Sep 14

You’ve shot your videos and you’re ready to show them to the world. But then you’re not ready to commit to a vlog. Where do you turn, other than the ubiquitous YouTube? There are a host of video sharing sites out there, such as, Dailymotion, Jumpcut, Revver, Veoh, and Vimeo. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the site that’s best for you.

1. Accepted file formats
2. File size limit
3. Popularity with users and viewers
4. Types of videos associated with the site
5. Sharing options
6. Special features (e.g. editing in Jumpcut, monetizing in Revver)

It makes sense to shop around first for a site you like and which has terms of service that are agreeable. Upload today!

Ipad to MAC Transfer

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17Sep 14

The iPad to Mac transfer application allows you to get as save as much files as you want without having to worry about losing significant data or forgetting to backup your files as soon you upload them to your iPad. This application will save the worries and troubles of purchasing different kinds of transfer software for music, videos, and photos because you can import all of those files through this one. You are also able to export your data from the iPad to Mac, so that you can save your important files or if you need them to be backed up. The iPad to mac transfer allows you to send files back and forth to your iPad, iTunes and Mac documents, all done at the highest speed necessary for the files to be managed.

On the iPad transfer to Mac there are two file search tools (Quick Search and Filter) which can help you quickly locate all the files you need to find. This will save you time from rummaging through each file one by one. A few people can be very particular about their music, specifically the information about that specific song, artist, album, and year. Thanks to the iPad to Mac transfer application youll be able to edit all your music information so that you can easily organize your music depending on how you want it to be. Aside from being able to organize music information, you can also create playlists for your music and photos. You can add as many audio files and photos to each album without having to worry about limitations.

Importance Of A Dash Cam

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10Sep 14


People over look the importance of a dash cam because it is rare to find the “need” for it in every day life. But this technology should be taken advantage off because it can easily be used to prove a person doing something against the law. Take for example Andrew Peterson, a former Saginaw officer who was caught acting inappropriately at a hotel in Fort Worth. In the video, he was yelling racial slurs at employees and guests. But even prior to that, he was already caught in another officer’s patrol car when he was arrested for public intoxication. The dash cam from the patrol car also showed Peterson acting like a lunatic threatening police officers and being violent. The embarrassing video lasted for about 30 minutes.

This is why it is necessary for people to have one. When faced in an unexpected situation and you need to prove your innocence or another party’s guilt, this one is a sure winner.

BBC Video Nation

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3Sep 14

If you’re missing the UK and just want to see what videos people are producing over there, BBC Video Nation has various sections to feed your need and inform you about British society today. In Filming Skills, they give the ground rules for filming with a video cam. When lighting a shot, for example, don’t stand against a bright window or turn on the light to minimize shadows. Among the top five tips are not relying on the built-in microphone of your video cam, avoiding the use of zoom, holding shots for at least five seconds for safety, keeping to static shots whenever possible and getting yourself in the shot.

Canon Camcorders

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27Aug 14

For comparison, I checked on some Canon Products at the web , since I know that it is also a good and trusted brand. I wanted a camcorder for beginners, since it is just for personal use. Canon DVD and MiniDV digital camcorders offers the best when it comes to it’s performance and features. It is said to have easy operational directions that you can follow in capturing that special moment. I find Canon’s site so user friendly because their products are viewed at once, then you just have to click the product of your choice too see it’s specifications and features. The VIXIA HF -100 is a good product to date

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